A good antivirus solution is designed to be safe and easy to use.
Trend Micro combines security and easy navigation.

What are the main arguments for this?

  • Everything is immediately visible in the dashboard. Right in the middle is the large scan circle (button), the color of which changes depending on the status. Clicking this circle (button) will perform the quick scan, while clicking the down arrow will offer a choice between quick, full and custom scan.
  • The Device tab represents Trend Micro's real-time scanning and web filtering. There is a checkup option to optimize system performance. If you use this function, the application arranges the current optimization level and lets you choose whether improvements should be made. This is useful for fixing security vulnerabilities or for reclaiming storage space.
  • The fast mute mode is there to interrupt "uncritical" notifications. To e.g. Disable Windows updates or end programs automatically.
  • The “Data protection” area offers functions that prevent confidential data from leaving the PC. To optimize privacy settings, the privacy scanner option offers the option of automatically scanning social networks. It also scans the web browser.
  • Trend Micro offers the new "Pay Guard" function, which opens a secure sandbox browser in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, but does not offer Edge support. In this way it can be recognized at any time when Pay Guard is active, since the browser window has a solid border, which indicates a secure session. Furthermore, certain information such as credit card number, email address or telephone number can be entered, which should be protected. Trend Micro recognizes when this data is entered and used on a website, in an email or instant message. This way, a warning is given when the data leaves the PC.
  • The “Data” area is Trend Micro's most important security feature. Folder Shield protects certain folders from ransomware, which can be selected very easily beforehand. There is no limit to the number of folders. By deleting it securely, confidential data is removed. Vault can also encrypt confidential data.
  • The "Family" area is also clearly arranged, which means e.g. Trend Micro’s parental controls can be set up for restrictions on the device (e.g. restricting websites or computer time).

What does this security solution cost?

"Trend Micro Maximum Security" costs EUR 39.95 for up to five devices per year. The "Internet Security" package costs EUR 29.95 for up to three devices per year. And the "Antivirus + Security" costs EUR 19.95 per user per year.

Overall, these subscription prices are at the level of many other important antivirus solutions.